GUEM MinJeong (b. 1977, Korea)
Cashbox, LED monitor(17inch), loop (00_01_00)
35 x 40 x 15 cm / 13.8 x 15.7 x 5.9 in

Artist & Work Description


GUEM Min Jeong’s work involves space. She discovers spaces from places and objects that she experienced with a focus on sensory perception and interaction, and then she creates a new space in front of an audience by adding her imagination. As a result, she has been displaying her ‘specific space’ through video-installations and video-sculptures.

Guem found and recreated her own new shape by observing the unique structure and surrounding landscape of Hanok when she stayed in Hanok. Guem explains that “I experienced the wind visually rather than tactilely in Hanok; capturing images created by the wind such as the shadow of a fluttering willow tree on the wall of Hanok, shining sunlight on grating pattern .”

Guem intends to explore different kinds and depth of emotions by gazing at architectural elements of Hanok and its natural landscape from a psychological and poetic, not objective, perspective. After Geum recognizes the spatial features of Hanok she recalls people who stayed there by looking at its background at different times and then imagines the emotion of that person.

Guem works on creating images of videos by turning these emotions into electronic signals. Emotional values such as sadness, depression, sympathy, admiration, astonishment, etc., which was inputted into Algorithms, transform an original image into a new shape by twisting, blurring, or stretching its elements. The landscape that was created by encoding personal emotions offers an opportunity for the viewer to revisit the landscape of their perspective.

GUEM MinJeong is a candidate of D.F.A. of Visual Arts in Yeonsei University and received BFA and MFA from Hong-ik University. She has been working on site specific video works and video sculptures. Her works have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions including at Kwanhoon gallery, at Kumho Museum of Art, Culture Station Seoul 284, Gallery Sejul, SPACE SO, Nobless Collection, Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art in Korea, Kyungnam City Museum of Art, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul City Museum, Contemporary Art Museum in Busan, and many more. Her works have been included in notable collections including JCC Art Center, Seoul City Museum, Kumho Art Museum. Ssamsonite Korea, KAIST and many more.