Youngwook CHOI
(b. 1964, Korea)

Youngwook CHOI creates works that transform memories into images. These memories are composed of emotions, intentions, materials, and colors. As a result, the scenes created from these recollections are representative of the artist’s life.

In most of Choi’s pieces you will find a Joseon moon jar, a signature piece of white porcelain from 18th century Korea. By using this symbol as a medium of communication, Choi does not merely depict a piece of pottery, but emphasizes his personal connection to the object. The artist is able to consider his own life through these porcelain wares and simultaneously capture something that represents the universal human figure. He hopes that those who are exposed to his works will begin their personal journey of putting their memories and stories into the jar.

Youngwook Choi was born in 1964 in Seoul, Korea. In 1991, he obtained his BFA from Hongik University, where he later obtained his MFA in 2001. He has held solo exhibitions around East Asia and the USA since 1992, in galleries such as ArtGate Gallery (New York), ONO Gallery (Tokyo), Yegam Gallery (New York), Art issue projects (Taipei, Taiwan), Gallery a-cube (Tokyo), and the ANNEX Convention Center (Fukuoka, Japan). His artwork is part of seventeen public collections including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea.


41,634 USD at Bonhams HK, Nov 25, 2019, Karma, 2011, mixed media on canvas, 180 x 159.5 cm

30,573 USD at Seoul Auction, Sep 22, 2020, Karma, 2011, 150.0☓135.0 cm

25,572 USD at Seoul Auction HK, Jul 16, 2020, Karma, 2017, 165 x 150 cm



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