SHIN Bongchull
(b. 1981, Korea)
Lives and works in Munich, Germany

Bongchull SHIN (b. 1981, Korea) is an artist interested in the constantly changing patterns resulting from the combination of layered glass and light. Through his work, art becomes more than an aesthetic experience as it takes on a level of physical involvement.

During his artistic process, glass and light are at the forefront of Shin’s works. He touches on the material’s fragile nature through techniques such as glass cutting, layering, and using broken shards. Several of his pieces utilizing broken glass serve as a reminder of the abilities of man to turn something delicate into something potentially destructive. Other works give off an artistic impression of early modernism and are transformed into a kind of public art, furthering the conversation between urban and contemporary artwork and architecture.

Bongchull Shin was born in 1981, Korea and currently lives and works in Munich, Germany. He studied at Academy of Fine Art Munich between 2011 and 2017. He received his MA from the Korean National University of Art in 2011 and his BA in Ceramics from Kookmin University in 2008. His glass sculpture works have been featured in many international shows including the Whitebox Art Center, Beijing; Gallery Tanit, Munich; Gallery 175, Seoul; Alternative Space Noon, Suwon; Galerie R. Bender, Munich; Galerie Handwerk, Munich; Centre Intern. du Vitrail, Chartres; Ernsting Stiftung, Coesfeld; Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, and Hans-Reiffenstuel-Haus, Pfarrkirchen amongst many others. His works have been included in the public collection of the Munich International Airport Alexander Tutsek Foundation, the Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herding, Coesfeld, and the Sammlung Maximilian und Agathe Weishaupt Collection.

I was grown up on a flower farm. My childhood was full of colours and nature. Like most of Asian philosophy, I also think everything is related and everything is moving. My work is not staying in a state. I think the main feature of glass is ambivalence. Glass is beautiful but when it is broken, it turns aggressive. People think glass is fragile but if you don’t break it, it stays thousands of years. Glass is solid, but the structure of the molecules are liquid.People normally don’t look up the sky that often. I look up the sky very often. I know where the sun is and where the clouds are. When I choose colour compositions, I look at flower books and go to botanic garden which inspires me a lot. Polishing process is a cumulation of simple movements through repetition. When you repeat something again and again, it is like a meditation. You can reach a state of emptiness and from this state of emptiness, you can find a space of thinking.

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