with works by Jamie M. Lee

Artist Jamie M. Lee is constantly on the move but also remains consistant. She started her career on the West coast of the USA and with her graduation from Claremont Graduate University she moved from the east coast to the south, and has continued to create various exhibitions, partake in residencies, and begin projects after returning to Korea. Lee honestly expresses the emotions she feels from her given environment in her work and once finished she does not hesitate to depart to another new location in search of fresh material. From the titles of her work, which are each akin to a verse of poetry, one can surmise where she was and in what state of mind she was in during that time. The audience is able to reach that place where the artist had inhabited by bearing these small hints in mind during the viewing of her work.
“The mysteriousness and thrill of encountering the first snow in the middle of the desert in Santa Fe, a prolonged longing for my family after being away from home and leading a wandering lifestyle for a long time, old forgotten memories that I recall while listening to some music playing on the radio by chance, the moment I made a wish when spotting a falling star, the joy and delight when that wish came true, recalling happy times as a child and with this memory also the sweetness of pink cotton candy held in my hand, cherry blossoms in April floating in the sky like clouds, the scenery I encounter on a certain day toward the end of fall. Such trivial everyday events become material for my work and the memories and my personal sensations based on specific times fill paper and canvas as abstract images.”
Jamie Lee does not only remain within the confines of the two-dimensional. Since 2012 she has cultivated her canvas collages into hand-cut paper installations and publicly presented them in various exhibitions. These paper blossoms which were born out of exquisite labor-intensive work completely dominate the enclosed space and it proves not only that the limited meaning of “artwork” not only signifies a material-made physical completion but is also able to include the production process, experience of the audience, as well as environmental transformation. The way the bunch of papers hang down due to gravity symbolizes the heavy mid-summer rainfall which she encountered while in the midst of nature. She is suggesting for the audience to stroll through it and also experience firsthand the wonder which she had felt.

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