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Mia Jung started her career at Sotheby’s auction house headquarter in New York in 2004 and stayed until 2008. She had also actively participated in NY art scene as a curator and art director at art foundations and galleries in New York and organized many different curatorial projects including Stick Them Together for the American Cancer Society, sponsored by Sotheby’s. Since 2010, Mia has been focusing on online art trade, based on her own original thesis research at FIT, State University of New York. In 2009, she joined art community in Korea Republic and continued her career, working as a director at KWANHOON gallery, an authorized dealer at K Auction, and an invited curator at multiple local projects. She was a manager role for craft curator program at CRAFT ON LIVE and CRAFT NEWBIE organized by Korea Craft & Design Cultural Foundation with Kookmin University in 2021 and 2022.
Since 2012, Mia Jung is an authorized dealer at Artnet Auctions at Artnet Worldwide Corporation in New York; since 2016, an Art Advisor at HANA Bank in Korea. She is Adjunct professor at the Design Department (Ceramic Craft Design) and lecturing at the Graduate School of Public Administration (Museum Management) in Kookmin University in Seoul.
Overseas Manager, Editor 
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Nicole Gieser is specialized in theories of Asian Art, Asian Art History and Material Culture. Her experience includes the Museum of East Asian Art in Cologne (MOK) and ESACH. She has been writing about Asian and international artists and exhibitions including Wu Guanzhong, László Moholy-Nagy, Li Tang, Yoo Youngkuk, Tom Sachs, Johannes Wohnseifer, Tom Friedman, Oliver Beer, Philippe Parreno, Loie Hollowell, and many more.
She received a BA degree in Chinese Studies and History of Arts which has given her a great understanding of the evolution of art in Europe and America as well as concepts and theories behind the masterpieces. She is highly able to describe and analyze artworks including paintings, installations, and video art, inter alia in written essays. Presently, she pursues an MA degree in Sinology at the University of Münster in Germany.

MARKT now boasts eight years as an online sales platform that has been growing fast with support from the Asian art community providing a comprehensive and immediate marketplace. As an ideal online platform of Asian contemporary art, aggregating sellers from different places in Asia, ART MARKT ASIA LTD will play an important role for Asian art sellers and international buyers as a place to share information, to communicate with one another, and to browse different artworks directly from local sellers. The goal of MARKT is to evolve beyond preceding platforms, to be geared toward the Asian art market, and to provide the best-quality Asian contemporary works for the best prices. MARKT, transcending time and space, is the most massive and open art market imaginable.

Collectors of world-class art and other buyers are regularly purchasing artworks after merely viewing high-resolution JPEG images of such works, and more people in a high-tech digital generation will come to embrace this concept. In the middle of an online-art-market battle, investors have funneled tens of millions of dollars into fledgling websites that help so-called “netizens” buy, sell, and learn about art.
Aggregating an inventory of available Asian art works, information regarding Asian art, and manpower from various locations in Asia into one site could benefit both the Asian art world and potential online buyers, especially future art collectors willing to roam from site to site in search of JPEGs of Asian artwork.