Possibility Of Expanding The Pictorial Space Of The Flat Surface.

Sun 12 (W) x 9 (H) Inches Oil on Canvas 2020 by 권재나 Jaena Kwon

Jaena Kwon’s work is concerned with painting components and how painting space is constructed. She treats painting as an image objectified or embedded in physical material. Her works are always solid colors which give more chance to notice differences in surface topography, gradual edge changes, boundaries from layered surfaces, subtle indentations, and textures are used to make the viewer examine the work’s shape and texture closely. 

The theme of this show <Constellation – The Hidden Dimension> started from looking back on not being able to perform the everyday activities that we have been taking for granted. 

Jaena Kwon’s work incorporates the elements of painting to go beyond the possibility of expanding the pictorial space of the flat surface. In her practice, folding and sanding is a way of expanding the surface and supporting the structure of the painting. Working with wood, light density fiberboard, gesso, acrylic, and pigments, she creates shaped work that achieves a fluid and haptic texture that heighten the logic of dimensions and psychological affect.

“The idea is to create a static but interactive form that incorporates the viewer’s bodily presence in order to include the viewer and space into the realm of the work.”

-Jaena Kwon

As Kwon said, “I found solace in open spaces and from looking up to the open sky, away from the empty forest of buildings. I wanted to create a series of work that allows one to relate to, similar to how we tell stories from looking up to the clouds and stars in the sky,” the paintings shown in the show were created between the lockdown period between March and October with this theme in mind.

Jaena Kwon (b. 1986, South Korea) earned her MFA in Painting and Printmaking at Yale University School of Art.  Her work has been exhibited in numerous venues such as The Painting Center, NY; Amy Simon Fine Art, CT; Song Eun Art Space, Seoul; ING Art Project, Seoul and many more.

The text was provided by the gallery. The Image courtesy of the artist and the gallery.